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A Fireside Chat about Internet Measurement, facilitated by M-Lab

Advanced topics in GPG key security: smartcards and Yubikeys

Adversary resistant computing: Subgraph OS

Autonomus Wireless and GSM Networks

Building a shared framework for organizational security assessments

Building better software

Coming shortly to your screens: Secure Group Messaging

Deploy an emergency Libre-Mesh network with local services

Digital independence in the age of the Big Five (How to cook up independent, secure servers for small groups and organizations)

Don't Make Killer Apps: Responsible Development Beyond Code

F-Droid Discussion: your very own private, free, secure, and flexible Android app store

F-Droid Hands-On: your very own private, free, secure, and flexible Android app store

Glocalization for Noobs: How to Design Tools for a Global Audience

Internet Protocols Demystified

Is mass adoption of secure email possible?

Machine Learning to Understand and Evade Mass Surveillance Methods on the Internet

Online Information Controls and Circumvention for Civil Society Groups

Open Integrity Initiative: How software practices impacts real

OSScientific Method: How to use open source tech to build open research practice

Ranking tech companies part 2: software, devices and networking equipment

Reproducible Builds

State of secure hosting

State of the VPN

Technology Battlefronts - How to Fight for the User

Tor on Mobile

TRanslating Tails to spanish

What can circumvention data tell us about the dynamics of internet censorship and online behaviour?

What your apps say about you (and how to find out)