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Session Description

This session would aim at getting people started with using Tor on mobile. Setting up and using Orbot and Orfox would be demonstrated, followed by a discussion on how to make these tools more usable, if people find it hard to go through with the setup process. If time permits, I would also like to discuss the differences between Tor on computers and mobile phones. I would also be open to discuss about the projects (Orfox) future. People who would attend this session would be activists and reporters who are new to the world of mobile security, and would want to learn more about it.

Tor on Mobile
Presenter/s amoghbl1
Organization The Guardian Project, The Tor Project
Bio/s I am currently a student at International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad. Got involved in this community through Tor, where I've been a volunteer developer since 2013. I work with the people of the Guardian Project (, who manage the Tor ecosystem on Mobile. Recently, I interned with The Guardian Project, where I worked on Orfox ( . I also volunteer as a developer at Mozilla, when I have the time for it. For a more detailed list of things that I am involved in, please check . Having attended the last Internet Freedom Festival(CTF), I would love to be part of it once again and think that this session might be really useful for the people who attend!
Language English

Session Comments

For notes on this session, check out

Thank you for attending, I hope you guys liked it!