Training Considerations for Inclusion of LGBTI Community

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Session Description

When holding a training (or any event for that matter), many trainers may overlook the needs of the LGBTI community. Logistics around trainings should be inclusive no matter which community is the target audience, so I want to hold a session to discuss how to create an open environment for the LGBTI community. I have plenty to contribute, but also looking for anything I haven't considered before. In the realm of digital security, content of trainings may be similar, but often higher priority risk focuses on social media, including dating sites. In some cases, family may be part of the threat and training around privacy in the home may be valuable. Therefore, this session would also include considerations around assessing content for LGBTI-focused trainings. This session would result in a document to share with participants or even public consumption. There are already means for distribution, including several mailing lists.

Training Considerations for Inclusion of LGBTI Community
Presenter/s Kody Leonard
Bio/s Kody Leonard works as a Senior Information Security Manager for The ISC Project, focusing on the sub-Saharan Africa region and SE Asia. He also works with LGBTI communities to better understand specific regional and community needs when addressing digital threats. Kody is based in Johannesburg, South Africa.
Language English

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