Urban open tech: learnings from the inner-city

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Session Description

@geminiimatt believes great training begins with empowering communities to stand on their own. this discussion focuses on what he feels works and what doesn't work when training marginalized groups in information security in the inner city. during this session we will discuss the issues of diversity, inclusion, the role of "allies" as well as how best to break down barriers to reach the people who need the information the most, no matter where they stand. matthew will use real world examples from organizing an inner city cryptoparty in harlem for two years. he will also talk about what works when taking the lessons "to the people", from his rapid response surveillance clinic work in ferguson - mo, cincinantti,oh, oakland, california, & berlin, germany.

urban open tech: learnings from the inner-city
Presenter/s Matt Mitchell
Bio/s matthew mitchell is a former new york times data journalists and former developer at CNN, Time Inc, TVOne, Essence & other media organizations. He trains journalists, activists, and marginalized groups in operational security and information security. He also is the organizer of cryptoparty harlem, a monthly event in upper manhattan's harlem community - bringing the open internet & encryption to the people.

Session Comments


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  1. VIDEO: kendrick lamar - "Alright"

The song has become the unofficial soundtrack to this new civil rights movement in the United States. And the hook "we gonna be alright" a rallying cry. https://youtu.be/Z-48u_uWMHY?t=2m40s

"WHO IS YOUR PRESENTER (author of these notes)" I am Matt Mitchell, some of my friends call me 'mateo'. I am a former data journalist & developer at the new york times, cnn, time inc, aol/huffington post, and news one/tv one/interactive one ( the largest african american media company in the united states).

I also am a security researcher/hacker & a human rights defender for the most marginalized, hyper surveilled, over policed and oppressed groups in the united states. their adversary go from security forces, local law enforcement,etc. to you name it. they are being