User Research For All!

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Session Description

Lightweight user research is a great way to improve usability, better serve users, and build things that are actually useful. This session will go over how to do quick, effective, ethical UX research. Attendees will learn what UX research is (and isn't), when to do research, when not to do research, how to formulate research questions, and how to actually go out and conduct research. We'll go over an example research plan from start to finish, and then spend some time practicing the basic skills (identifying research questions, interviewing users, and analyzing research data) that were covered during the session.

User Research For All!
Presenter/s Jane Davis
Organization Dropbox
Bio/s Jane Davis is a User Experience and Design Researcher at Dropbox, with a Master's degree in Human-Computer Interaction and a deep, abiding love of teaching people how to find things out. She spends her spare time building interactive art, tending her sourdough starter, and knitting things that no one wants.
Language English

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