What Do We Know About Behavior Change?

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Session Description

The primary goal of trainings is often behavior change. But what does 'behavior change' mean? How does it connect to discussions on learning and education that have been happening for over half a century?

In this session, we are very excited to bring together a diverse group of speakers to talk about the various aspects of behavior change and education. By connecting these conversations we hope to provide a unique outlook on these topics and develop new ways of thinking that incorporate these various perspectives.

We will have speakers talking about trainings and uptake, using behavior change frameworks for training evaluations, building frameworks for trainers to change their behavior, and how people have incorporated behavior change and learning theories into their training work.

This session will be interactive and consist primarily of breakout sessions to develop resources and explore how these concepts can be used in your work. Breakout sessions will cover practical topics and experience as well as more general ideas and concerns that can be adapted into your training methodologies.

General Timeline (breaks will be included!): -Intro (~60 minutes) -Breakout 1 and reportback (~90 minutes) -Breakout 2 and reportback (~90 minutes)

[THIS SESSION IS COMBINED WITH THE ONE FOLLOWING IT "Teaching and Learning for Digital Security Trainings"]

What Do We Know About Behavior Change? (3hr Workshop)
Presenter/s Natasha Mszona, Tawanda Mugari, Shauna Dillavou, Erin Murrock, Martin L. Fällman, Carol Waters, Cheekay Cinco, Becky Kazansky, Brian Conley
Language English

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