What is left of the Hacking Team debate?

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Session Description

After months from the leak that shed a light on a specific but dense segment of the surveillance industry, what do we know about that same industry and the ones closely connected such as the 0day market ? Has something changed from a legal point of vew? How are governments using these tools?What can NGOs do to advocate for civil liberties in such a secretive context?"

What is left of the Hacking Team debate?
Presenter/s Carola Frediani; Antonella Napolitano
Bio/s Carola Frediani, Italian journalist at @la_stampa, covering security, privacy, digital rights. Closely followed the Hacking team case

Antonella Naplitano, Italian journalist, Communications Manager at @Cild2014. Writer @Civicist & @PdF_Europe

Language English

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