WhatsApp and Risks for LGBTI Communities

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Session Description

Apps marketed towards the LGBTI community, such as Grindr, are usually the focus of discussion on digital threats for LGBTI populations. However, some countries and service providers adopt the practice of zero-rating apps, meaning some apps and sites are accessed for free or much cheaper than the rest of the internet. This has made apps such as WhatsApp the inescapable way to communicate with others in the country. Grindr, Tinder, Brenda, etc are relegated to the wealthy population while the very few would consider alternative apps to WhatsApp when it comes at a price. In these countries, WhatsApp creates a well-defined space with specific risks. For this session, I wish to focus on issues LGBTI communities face when using WhatsApp and hopefully bring about awareness of what WhatsApp can do to better protect its users. Ideally, WhatsApp would be in attendance, which hopefully will happen. If not, then a discussion and wish list would be the next best use of this session's time.

WhatsApp and Risks for LGBTI Communities
Presenter/s Kody Leonard
Bio/s Kody Leonard is a Senior Information Security Manager for The ISC Project focusing on the Sub-Saharan Africa region. He also focuses on digital threats for LGBTI communities. Kody is based in Johannesburg, South Africa.
Language English

Session Comments

Notes from the session - please add your thoughts about WhatsApp! https://public.etherpad-mozilla.org/p/riskswhatsappchallenges