You and your data

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Session Description

A small team in the UK have started developing a civic tool called data licences, they give individuals ownership and control of their data. So far a prototype has been made and is currently being shown at the Big Bang Data exhibition at Somerset House, London, with plans to develop the project further. In order to create a meaningful product that has real impact we need to open discussions with the wider global community and we thought the Internet Freedom Festival would be a fantastic place to take the conversation. We propose a workshop that introduces Data Licences through an interactive demonstration. The participants will be taken through the steps of constructing a licence, deciding who to share their data with and attributing a value to their data to be traded in a data marketplace. Throughout the process the participants will be encouraged to reflect on how their data is currently shared but also to consider a world where this system may be different. We are interested in finding out what people's mental models of data ownership are and how this can positively influence what we design. Our session is aimed at participants of any age. However, we are especially interested in working with developers, because we believe they will be the main instigators of data licences.

You and your data
Presenter/s Sarah Gold
Bio/s Sarah is a designer interested in interaction, data and networks in the public domain. Her practise examines technopolitics, privacy and civics. She is founder of the creative company IF. IF is a creative company based in London, they make technology that empowers people.
Language English

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