Your "Enemy" Should Have a Place in Your Internet Space

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Session Description

A short presentation/workshop about community building with bringing adversaries in one Internet Space (no more than 20 minutes). The dynamics of community building has always been about reuniting people who are already in a way or another agreeing with each other. Internet in the Arab world and the M.E.N.A region is used to revolutionize community patterns as a tool of conflict resolution and a way to promote diversity. In a region with high tensions and continuous conflicts, a lot of "this side" and "the other side"; Internet is the only tool, to talk to your supposed "enemy", to build a community where all the institutionalized governmental channels failed to. How to create a space for an LGBT person or a religious minority when you are in an Arab/Muslim Internet space? The language of diversity begins when you understand that fighting for human rights starts with understanding your audience and its language, provoking its attention and stimulating their minds. Building a community around interest, when you succeed to make your cause their interest... A small workshop (no more than 40 minutes): Part 1: all the members identify the main minorities and adversaries in their country/region (10 minutes) Part 2: In small groups, brainstorm on what are the best methodology and tools to use in order to promote diversity in each different context through a united Internet space. (30 minutes)

Your "Enemy" Should Have a Place in Your Internet Space
Presenter/s Rahma Sghaier
Bio/s Rahma Sghaier, 23 years old from Tunisia, a Political Science Master Student travelling the world and blogging passionately for peace and freedom. Tunisian Chapter Coordinator of Yala Young Leaders. Core Member of "Mawjoudin" association for LGBT rights in Tunisia. @Illuminatos @YaLa_YL #JLT @AYM_AfricaSmile
Language English (French or even Arabic)

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