A People’s Index of Internet Health

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Internet Healht Report Mozilla 2019.jpg

Mozilla needs your help!

Who do you want to hear from about the year’s healthiest and unhealthiest moments online on the Mozilla Internet Health Report? They want to know!

This year’s Internet Health Report (IHR) will include a new collaborative feature that they are tentatively calling "A People’s Index of Internet Health". This index will share links from Mozilla's contributors to the internet health stories they care the most about from around the world and give Mozilla a snapshot of the internet health events that mattered most to their communities in 2020.

Each contributor will share a link with Mozilla about a healthy moment or something that can be done to help the internet, as well as an unhealthy moment or something that worries them. Mozilla's goal is to invite 100 people to contribute. They want to include well-known experts as well as up-and-coming activists and grassroots organizers in the group of people we invite to participate — and they need your help to do it!

To help ensure that this feature of the report reflects the diversity and inclusion Mozilla is striving for as an organization, and to include you, their community and friends, in its creation, Mozilla is asking you to suggest:

  • One well-known leader in the internet health movement you’d love to learn from in this part of the report.
  • One lesser-known leader you’d like to lift up and learn from in this report so that more people pay attention to their community, message, and work.

If you have any feedback, questions, or suggestions about our ask, this process, or the "People’s Index" itself, please don’t hesitate to reach out to laurav@mozillafoundation.org.