Anonymous communication & Decentralized trust

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Session Description

this is a technical talk

two 30-min talks : PriFi, and Cosi

Communication surveillance over Internet has been increasing over the last few years, and since the Snowden revelations, the public has been searching for ways to counter this mass surveillance.

At the Decentralized & Distributed Systems (DeDiS) lab at the EPFL (Switzerland), we are working on different projects to improve the security and privacy over the Internet; in particular, without central authorities that are high profile targets for criminals and Nation-State Adversaries.

We will first present PriFi, an anonymous communication network for (W)LANs, built to resist global adversaries. In particular, the network offers perfect anonymity to its members, giving them stronger guarantees than typical onion-routing protocols.

In a second time, we present a framework for doing Collective Signatures (CoSi) at large scale. We often rely on centralized authorities (e.g. certificate authorities, timestamping servers) for everyday tasks, and such systems are central points of failure; instead, we propose a framework that aims to decentralize such authorities using thousands of servers.

This framework is meant as a building block, enabling other privacy and security tools to use decentralized authorities in an easy manner; ongoing projects include for instance collective certificate signing, collective software updates, e-cash, medical data sharing.

Session Title
Presenter/s Nicolas Gailly
Ludovic Barman
Organization DeDiS, EPFL
Bio 1 Software Engineer
Bio 2 Doctoral Student
Language English
Topics Distributing trust, anonymous communications