Applying Internet Freedom values to creative thinking

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Applying Internet Freedom values to creative thinking
Presenter(s) Alejandro Masferrer
Title(s) Creative Director
Organization(s) Triggers
Country(ies) Global
Social media trytriggers
2017 theme Communications & Design

This is a session designed for all kind of creatives (designers, advertisers, thinkers…) that ask themselves the following: Can creative teams learn something from how the internet works? How can we produce better ideas with inclusive methods? Is it possible to apply the web randomness in our process?

There is a lot we, creatives, can take from values like freedom, diversity and openness. It's not enough to just talk about it, we can embed it in our processes and ways of working.

That's exactly what this workshop is about. We'll take the chance to experiment with some tools that offer us a more democratic way of working with ideas.

Format Workshop
Target Groups Creatives, Advertisers, Designers, Directors
Length 1 hour
Skill Level Intermediate
Language Español, English

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