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Glitter Meetups

Glitter Meetup is the weekly town hall of the Internet Freedom community at the IFF Square on the IFF Mattermost, at 9am EDT / 1pm UTC. Do you need an invite? Learn how to get one here.

Date: NEW DATE: September 2nd

Time: 9am EST / 1:00 PM UTC

Where: IFF Square on IFF Mattermost

Topic: Pluggable Transports

We are kicking off the NEW Pluggable Transports Monthly Meetup during our weekly Glitter Meetup. This will give digital rights defenders the opportunity to meet the host(s) of the new monthly meetup and ask questions.

Pluggable Transports (PT) are being developed and used to circumvent Internet censorship. If you use any VPNs, the Tor network or other services to access blocked content in you network, chances are that you are using PTs in the background. The new meetup is geared towards users, developers and PT enthusiasts, providing them with an opportunity to share their news/updates happening once per month.

Featured Guest: Vasilis, co-host of the NEW Pluggable Transport Meetup. More info about them here:


Notes will be posted here