Bursting the EU bubble: What you can do to save the link!

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Bursting the EU bubble: What you can do to save the link!
Presenter(s) Diego Naranjo, Dimitar Dimitrov
Title(s) Bursting the EU bubble: What you can do to save the link!
Organization(s) European Digital Rights (EDRi), Wikimedia
Project(s) Copyright
Country(ies) EU
Social media @DNBSevilla, @dimi_z , @edri
2017 theme

Are you ready to #fixcopyright and #savethelink? In this session, we will engage in a role-playing game where you can become for an hour a Member of the European Parliament, a representative of a member state, a lobbyist or an activist to prepare a key aspect of how citizens will access information in the future. Representing what we have described in our EU activist guide (https://edri.org/files/activist_guide_to_the_EU.pdf) we want to engage everyone interested in modernising copyright law in the EU in how the decision making processes happens in reality and how we need to act together to change the current broken copyright system. You will be a lobbyist from the publishers where you would want to ask for a "tax on reading newspapers laid on kiosks" because well, people are reading the headlines for FREE! As an activist, this is the latest attack on hyperlinking and it will break the internet as we know it. Or maybe you will be a strong EU member state and you would want to hear the best argument from all sides before you prepare your position, which nevertheless will be decided in your home country, not by you! The EU making processes, at its best, in a quick-paced one hour workshop with experience EU activists.

Format Workshop
Target Groups EU activists, copyright
Length 1 hour
Skill Level Novice
Language English (Spanish translation available for small group)

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