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The Community Knowledge Share (CKS) workshop series brings to you a diversity of online gathering every week lead by community leaders in the Internet Freedom field.

CKS focus on a variety of topics found in the digital rights space ranging from technology infrastructure to community health to regional research. Workshops last 1-2 hours, and are interactive, allowing the community not just to learn and share knowledge, but also to brainstorm on issues together! CKS are designed to deepen your knowledge in a particular area; connect with others interested in the same topics or areas; promote collaboration and the fomentation of partnerships across regions and disciplines; and showcase and celebrate the amazing people that are leading our community!

The following are upcoming and past CKS Workshops with corresponding notes

Upcoming CKS Workshops

Past CKS Workshops

Grab a cup of coffee and come to talk about making your podcast!

OTF Fireside Chat: Funding Opportunities & Feedback

Launching your Podcast 101

Even The Finest of Warriors

Fundraising and Participatory Decision Making in the LGBTQAI Non-Profit Ecosystem

How to Report Software Bugs / Thunderbird Bug Party

Everything You Need to Know About Mailvelope

The 2020 Community Health Report Debrief

SignalBoost: Secure Messaging at Scale for Digital Organizers

Colombian Human Rights in the Digital Age

Design, Human Rights, and Harm

Nonprofit Management 101: Understanding the Basics of Running a Nonprofit

Remote Online Harassment During COVID19

Into the Zanga

The Data Detox Kit and Engaging Audiences

The Feminist Ecosystem Funding: Why Doria Feminist Fund

Q&A with The Tor’s Circumvention Lead About Snowflake

Disinformation Workshop: Tools & Techniques

Collaborative Conversation on Free Speech, Extremist Organizing & The Paradox of Intolerance

Story Time Cafe with Internet Master Storytellers

Independent Media in Lebanon After the Blast

Annotated Bibliography: Transnational Digital Repression

Creating Your Own Custom Security Policy

VPN & Policy

Telling Stories about Algorithms

Civilsphere's Emergency VPN: Analyzing Mobile Network Traffic to Detect Digital Threats

Icarus Project: Testing and Analyzing Internet Censorship Circumvention Solutions

The State of Internet Freedom Around the World

The Alarming Growing Trend of Digital Identification Systems

Resisting Public Space Surveillance: Fostering privacy and anonymity in the age of mass video and facial recognition surveillance

How to VPN

Identity 2.0: Exploring Digital Identities Through Art

The Intergenerational Ruptures and Bridges in Feminism

Decentralized Web: Research Findings

Procesos en Capacitaciones en Seguridad Integral y Digital

Understanding Hong Kong

Digital Rights in Southeast Asia

So You Want to be a Digital Security Trainer

How to Better Prepare for the Next Internet Shutdown

Disinformation Strategies and Tactics

Covid-19 Without a Lockdown: Digital Tools Used in Taiwan for Coronavirus Prevention & Monitoring

América Latina: la tecnología en tiempos de COVID-19

How Activists Organize Self Care and Collective Care?

Growing Privacy Concerns During COVID-19

Fireplace Chat with Funders in the Internet Freedom Space

The Story of Diversity, Security & Love in Southern Africa

Magick of Glitter & Tales of Building Community

Silencing Across Borders: Digital Threats and Transnational Repression against Exiled Activists

Constructing Feminist Tech through Fiction

Online Facilitation

Taking the High Route - the Internet routing architecture and human rights