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Join us for a Daily Virtual Coffee

Every weekday at 10am EST join us for our daily community checkins and let us know how you are. This is a great way to stay connected to each other during the various quarantines taking place thruoghout the world. It takes place on the IFF Mattermost Square Channel. Email us at if you need an invite.

Get Ready for Virtual Community Knowledge Share Workshop Series

Each week, the IFF brings to you online conversations and gatherings lead by the Internet Freedom community. CKS workshops last 1-2 hours, are capped at 25 seats, and are interactive, allowing the community not just to learn and share knowledge, but also to brainstorm on issues together! If you want to be a presenter, email .


June 2020

Date Time Title Type Location Description Presenter
June 4 02:00pm EST / 06:00pm UTC Coffee Talk with Jorge Luis Sierra Community Knowledge Share RSVP Jorge Luis Sierra embodies all the characteristics of a good investigative journalist who fights relentlessly to protect the most vulnerable. He is the co-founder and CEO of the Border Center for Journalists and Bloggers. Read More Jorge Luis Sierra, Investigative Journalist and Digital Security Trainer

May 2020

Date Time Title Type Location Description Presenter
May 29 10:00am EST / 02:00pm UTC+0 IFF House Party Community Check-in IFF Dance Hall The IFF House Party is a great way to celebrate the week with the community! Join us and dance with different digital right defenders throughout the world
May 28 12:00pm EST / 04:00pm UTC+0 Disinformation_Strategies_and_Tactics Community Knowledge Share Check out the notes! Across the world more and more communities are being manipulated by fake news and misinformation. However, most people don't really understand how this is implemented. Join us and find out what common tactics and strategies are used. Read More Gabrielle Lim, Researcher at Harvard's Shorenstein Center
May 28 09:00am EST / 01:00pm UTC+0 Glitter Meetup Glitter_Meetup IFF Square Glitter Meet is the weekly town hall of the Internet Freedom community
May 26 11:30am EST / 03:30pm UTC+0 Coffee Talk with Sarah Aoun Community Knowledge Share RSVP Closed Sarah is a data activist, an operational security trainer, and human rights technologist. These skills made her a perfect fit for the Open Tech Fund, where as Chief Technologist, she provides support to countless projects fighting censorship and surveillance.Read More Sarah Aoun from Open Tech Fund
May 21 09:00am EST / 01:00pm UTC+0 Glitter Meetup Glitter_Meetup IFF Square Glitter Meetup is the weekly town hall of the Internet Freedom community
May 14 10:00am EST / 02:00pm UTC+0 How to Better Prepare for the Next Internet Shutdown Community Knowledge Share Completed. Notes coming soon. Internet shutdowns have become more common place as authoritarian governments use it as a viable option to silence their citizens. Join Ahmad from NetFreedom Pioneers to find out about different ways to respond to internet shutdowns, tech and alternative solutions and more. Ahmad Ahmadian from Net Freedom Pioneers
May 14 09:00am EST / 01:00pm UTC+0 Glitter Meetup with folks behind the Women on Web website censored in Spain Glitter_Meetup Read Notes Here Featured guest will be Vasilis talking about his research into the blocking of a woman's website in Spain. Report here: Glitter Meet is the weekly town hall of the Internet Freedom community. Magma
May 12 10:00am EST / 02:00pm UTC+0 Without a Lockdown: Digital Tools Used in Taiwan for Coronavirus Prevention & Monitoring Community Knowledge Share Read Notes Here Taiwan does not have lock-down, and all businesses and schools remain open, while still having a very low number of COVID-19 cases - 429 cases since January. Join us and find out what methods and approaches they have taken to be a stellar example of innovation and safety.Read More Lulu Keng, OCF
May 7 03:00pm EST / 07:00pm UTC+0 Coffee Talk with Nash Sheard Community Knowledge Share RSVP Closed We first encountered Nash because he is currently leading the EFF's grassroots, student and community organizing efforts. However, after getting to know this native New Yorker, we were inspired by his long history of helping activists mitigate harmful interactions with the stateRead More Nash Sheard from EFF
May 7 09:00am EST / 01:00pm UTC+0 OTF Prototype Fund Glitter_Meetup Read Notes Here We will talk with Tara, Program Manager from Open Tech Fund to talk about the Community Prototype Fund, that is designed to empower the community of activists, technologists and frontline human rights defenders by providing seed funding for the initial development of ground-breaking technologies and applied research. Tara Tarakiyee
May 5 03:00pm EST / 07:00pm UTC+0 América Latina: la tecnología en tiempos de COVID-19 Community Knowledge Share Read the notes Con la llegada del COVID-19 a América Latina, muchos países del continente han visto sus libertades y derechos digitales más vulnerables que nunca. Desde aplicaciones móviles que siguen la geolocalización de los ciudadanos hasta interrupciones del servicio de red, doxxing y ciberpatrullaje en redes; la comunidad se enfrenta a nuevos retros para poder capacitar y continuar apoyando a los diferentes grupos con los que trabaja.Read More Vivian Zúñiga, Cristian León

April 2020

Date Time Title Type Location Description Presenter

April 30 11:00am EST / 3:00pm UTC+0 How Activists Organize Self Care and Collective Care? Community Knowledge Share Read the notes. Join Dhyta to discuss how activists see and do care, and brainstorm alternative methods that are rooted in what we value, and is accessible to all..Learn More Dhyta Caturani, (feminist activist working on issues related to human rights, social justice, civil liberties, sexuality, women’s rights, and violence against women)
April 30 9:00am EST / 1:00pm UTC +0 OONI Glitter_Meetup Completed. Read the notes. We talk with Maria and Arturo, from OONI and discover the new features and possibilities of OONI Probe. The Open Observatory of Network Interference (OONI) is a free software project that aims to empower decentralized efforts in increasing transparency of Internet censorship around the world. Maria Xynou and Arturo Filastò
April 28 10:00am EST / 2:00pm UTC+0 Fireplace Chat with Funders in the Internet Freedom Space Community Knowledge Share Read the notes. Hear from funders in the Internet Freedom space on how they are supporting projects and organizations to better handle the changes and challenges caused by COVID-19, as well as the trends they are seeing that will impact the community in the future.Learn More Ciprian Ianculovici (US Statement Department DRL), Brenda Salas (Astraea Foundation), Michael Brennan (Ford Foundation), Nat Kretchun (Open Technology Fund)
April 23 11:00am EST / 3:00pm UTC+0 Growing Privacy Concerns During COVID-19 Community Knowledge Share Read the notes During these unprecedented times, across the globe governments are responding to COVID-19 in ways that pose a real risk to privacy, and may leave a lasting legacy. This includes everything from an increase in military or police powers, to policies criminalizing the publication of misinformation, to tracking citizens via apps. Already this has led to digital rights and human rights violations. Learn More Alison Carmel Ramer, 7amleh and Maria Paz Canales, Derechos Digitales
April 22 11:00am EST / 3:00pm UTC+0 The Story of Diversity, Security & Love in Southern Africa Community Knowledge Share Read the notes Digital Society of Zimbabwe, now Digital Society of Africa, was one of the first collective of digital security trainers in the Internet Freedom space. It was established in 2015 because of the need they saw from at-risk groups. Learn More Natasha Msonza, Tawanda Mugari, Both from Digital Society of Africa.
April 10 11:00am EST / 3:00pm UTC+0 Magick of Glitter & Tales of Building Community Community Knowledge Share Read the notes. Glitter is very much like a community, made up of unique pieces all that have their unique shapes and colors, and when combine emit a radiance and beauty so strong that it can soften even the hardest of hearts. How did the IF community, which is so diverse and located in all parts of the world come together and build solidarity despite having to overcome challenges of distance, timezones, low bandwidth, lack of resources and more. Sandra Ordonez
April 8 11:00am EST / 3:00pm UTC+0 Silencing Across Borders: Digital Threats and Transnational Repression against Exiled Activists Community Knowledge Share Completed. Read the notes. Digital technologies have enabled authoritarian regimes to monitor and repress dissidents outside their territory. Marcus Michaelsen researches investigating the digital threats against exiled and diaspora activists from Syria, Egypt and Iran face. Read more... Marcus Michaelsen
April 2 11:00am EST / 3:00pm UTC+0 Constructing Feminist Tech through Fiction Community Knowledge Share Completed. Read the notes Imagination can function as a powerful feminist and collective tool for social change. Come write, draw, or record the future of tech free from patriarchy, capitalism and colonialism. Read more... Dalia Othman, Helene von Schwichow, and Katrin Fritsch
April 2 9:00am EST / UTC-4 Contact Tracing Glitter_Meetup Completed. Read the notes. We discuss the epidemiological, technical and societal implications to contact testing during COVID-19. Sean McDonald, CEO of FrontlineSMS

March 2020

Date Time Title Type Location Description Presenter
March 31 10:30am EST / 2:30pm UTC+0 Captivating Your Remote Teams and Meetings Community Knowledge Share Completed. Check out the notes We’ll share tips and tricks about designing and facilitating online meetings, when to use which online tools, and shifting mindsets to adapt to an increasingly remote work. Lead by IFF's Head of Safety & Technology Read more... IFF Team
March 26 11:30am EST/UTC-4 Taking the High Route - the Internet routing architecture and human rights Community Knowledge Share Completed. Check out the notes Niels discusses the interrelation between Internet routing and human rights, showcase how Internet routing is changing with the introduction of 5G, and how this is affecting human rights. Read the notes. Neils ten Oever
March 26 9:00am EST/UTC-4 Virtual Community Building Tips Glitter_Meetup Completed. Read the notes. The IFF team will share what they have learned throughout the years on how to build healthy, resilient communities, especially when you a relying on virtual communications to make it happen. Others are encouraged to share their tips and lessons learned as well. IFF Team
March 19 9:00am EST/UTC-4 Discrimination, Disinfo & COVID-19' Glitter_Meetup Completed. Read the notes. Our friends in Taiwan will be joining us for our weekly Glitter Meetup to discuss: growing hate speech and discrimination on Asian population; Research on

the disinfo attacks Taiwan has experienced in relation to COVID-19; China's censorship of COVID-19 to-date; and rising privacy violation concerns.

Diverse Taiwanese community members