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Join us for a Daily Virtual Coffee

Every day at 10am EST join us for our daily community checkins and let us know how you are. This is a great way to stay connected to each other during the various quarantines taking place thruoghout the world. It takes place on the IFF Mattermost Square Channel. Email us at if you need an invite.


March 2020________________

March 19:

9:00am - Discrimination, Disinfo & COVID-19 (Glitter Meetup)

Our friends in Taiwan will be joining us for our weekly Glitter Meetup to discuss: growing hate speech and discrimination on Asian population; Research on the disinfo attacks Taiwan has experienced in relation to COVID-19; China's censorship of COVID-19 to-date; and rising privacy violation concerns. This takes place on the IFF Mattermost Square Channel. email if you don't have an account.

11:30am - Taking the High Route - the Internet routing architecture and human rights

}Where: RSVP is required. We will send out link soon

The lives of billions of people have become entangled with the Internet, and with that, it has become the backbone of information societies. By facilitating the interconnection among over 72.000 separate and independent networks, commonly known as Autonomous Systems (ASes), Internet routing forms a foundational part of the Internet as we know it, even though it is unknown and invisible to most people. In this presentation, Niels will discuss the interrelation between Internet routing and human rights, showcase how Internet routing is changing with the introduction of 5G and the introduction of new national laws, and how this is affecting human rights. Join IFF long time community member, Niels ten Oever, to learn about his recent and current research on everything about the Internet that you cannot see, and brainstorm on what we can do to start preparing. Niels is an old school digital rights defender, having worked in places like Free Press Unlimited, ARTICLE 19, and others.

Preparation: Preparation is not needed at all. But if you feel like reading, have a look at chapter 1 and 10 of Laura DeNardis' book 'The Global War for Internet Governance' and chapter 8 of Ashwin Mathew's dissertation 'Where in the World is the Internet' (both are attached).

March 26: 9:00am Glitter Meetup: TBD

Topic TBD

April 2020________________

April 2: Glitter Meetup

Topic TBD

April 9: Glitter Meetup

Topic TBD

April 16: Glitter Meetup

Topic TBD