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Join us for a Daily Virtual Coffee

Every day at 10am EST join us for our daily community checkins and let us know how you are. This is a great way to stay connected to each other during the various quarantines taking place thruoghout the world. It takes place on the IFF Mattermost Square Channel. Email us at if you need an invite.

Get Ready for Virtual Community Knowledge Shares

Each week, the IFF brings to you online conversations and gatherings lead by the Internet Freedom community. CKS workshops last 1-2 hours, are capped at 25 seats, and are interactive, allowing the community not just to learn and share knowledge, but also to brainstorm on issues together! If you want to be a presenter, email .

. March 2020

Date Time Title Type Location Description Presenter
March 19 9:00am EST/UTC-4 Discrimination, Disinfo & COVID-19' Glitter_Meetup IFF Mattermost Square Channel. Our friends in Taiwan will be joining us for our weekly Glitter Meetup to discuss: growing hate speech and discrimination on Asian population; Research on

the disinfo attacks Taiwan has experienced in relation to COVID-19; China's censorship of COVID-19 to-date; and rising privacy violation concerns.

Diverse Taiwanese community members
March 26 9:00am EST/UTC-4 Virtual Community Building Tips Glitter_Meetup IFF Mattermost Square Channel. The IFF team will share what they have learned throughout the years on how to build healthy, resilient communities, especially when you a relying on virtual communications to make it happen. Others are encouraged to share their tips and lessons learned as well. IFF Team
March 26 11:30am EST/UTC-4 Taking the High Route - the Internet routing architecture and human rights' Community Knowledge Share Room full with wait list Niels will discuss the interrelation between Internet routing and human rights, showcase how Internet routing is changing with the introduction of 5G and the introduction of new national laws, and how this is affecting human rights. [Read more....]' Neils ten Oever
March 31 10:30am EST / 2:30pm UTC+0 Online Facilitation: Captivating Your Remote Teams and Meetings Community Knowledge Share RSVP Required Capped at 25 seats Online meetings can be engaging, productive, and fun! And we don't mean the type of fun where a cat falls onto your keyboard, in the middle of a presentation. Without being face-to-face or meeting IRL, it can be hard to benefit from all the wisdom of a group or gauge when someone is not paying attention. We’ll share tips and tricks about designing and facilitating online meetings, when to use which online tools, and shifting mindsets to adapt to an increasingly remote work.

The speaker will be Trinh, the IFF's Head of Safety & Technology. Besides the digi and orgsec projects she oversees at the IFF, Trinh is a long-time trainer and facilitator, with nearly 15 years experience with remote teams and online campaigning. She is a trainer on movement building, building sustainable teams, and digital security. She facilitates through a participant-centered, empathy-based approach and design programs that maximizes experiential learning. Preparation: Think about an amazing or cringe-y moment you've experienced during online meetings that you can share.

April 2020

Date Time Title Type Location Description Presenter
April 2 9:00am EST/UTC-4 TBD Glitter_Meetup IFF Mattermost Square Channel. TBD TBD
April 9 9:00am EST/UTC-4 TBD Glitter_Meetup IFF Mattermost Square Channel. TBD TBD
April 16 9:00am EST/UTC-4 TBD Glitter_Meetup IFF Mattermost Square Channel. TBD TBD