Community-led Organizational Security Assessment Process

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Community-led Organizational Security Assessment Process
Presenter(s) Jon Camfield, Seamus Tuohy, Others
Title(s) A Community-led Organizational Security Assessment Process
Organization(s) Internews, Prudent Innovation, Others
Project(s) SAFETAG
Social media
2017 theme Training & Best Practices

SAFETAG ( is an organizational security assessment framework built to balance organizational capacity with prioritized and customized security outcomes based on risks collaboratively identified with the organization. However, If SAFETAG is to become a platform that the security-for-civil-society community is willing and able to adopt at scale, independent organizations must be able to customize it to fit their issue-areas, approaches, target communities, and capacity. SAFETAG is being rebuilt based on feedback and community input, and through partnering with organizations to adapt, customize, and adopt portions of the framework - expanding it to address a wider variety of organization types and varying threats. Join us to learn more about the framework, where it’s going, and how to contribute!

Format Conversation
Target Groups Security Trainers, Advocacy/Policy Professional, Communications Professionals, Front Line Activists, Other
Length 1 hour
Skill Level Advanced
Language English

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