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'''[[Understanding & Designing your Mental Health Plan]]'''
'''[[Understanding & Designing your Mental Health Plan]]'''
== Upcoming Sessions ==
== Upcoming Sessions ==

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The following are notes from the various sessions that were part of the inaugural Community Health Village. It featured sessions given by various mental healthcare practitioners and healing advocates, focused on helping us understand how to achieve healthy and sustainable work environments in our communities and spaces. The Village was designed based on the findings of our 2020 Community Health Report, looking at the health and wellbeing of digital rights defenders around the world.

Sessions that have taken place

Understanding & Designing your Mental Health Plan

Upcoming Sessions

November 9: - Regenerative Activism

November 10th - Imagining Alternative Worlds through Activism

November 11 - Mayan Healing Ceremony

November 16 - Dealing with Distress in the Digital Rights Community: What can you do as a community leader?'

November 18 - Embodied Connection

November 23 - Dealing with Conflicts in Activist Groups and Teams