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'''[[GM_April_2_2020|Glitter Meetup April 2, 2020]]'''
'''[[GM_April_2_2020|April 2, 2020 Glitter Meetup]]'''
'''Topic''' Contact Tracing Apps  
'''Topic''' Contact Tracing Apps  

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The following are community updates from the weekly Glitter Meetup. If you need to connect to anyone mentioned below, please reach out. We do practice "consensual introductions," meaning we have to check with the person before doing so. No names are associated with the summary notes. Please contact us if you have any questions related to these notes. team@internetfreedomfestival.org

April 2, 2020 Glitter Meetup

Topic Contact Tracing Apps

Featured guest Sean McDonald, FrontlineSMS.

Glitter Meetup Notes Before March 26, 2020