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Creative multimedia producer consultant for FRIDA’s new Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning framework

FRIDA | The Young Feminist Fund seeks a ​Creative Multimedia Producer as consultant to ​support FRIDA’s new Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning framework​. We are looking for a creative and political/critical thinker who can work closely together with the MEL team to produce an empathetic, interactive and user friendly learning framework.

  • Timeframe​: Feb - Abril 2021
  • Deadline to apply​: 29 January 2021


Founded in 2010, ​FRIDA | The Young Feminist Fund is the only youth-led fund focused exclusively on supporting young feminist activism to advance social justice movements and agendas across the globe. We believe in the collective power, expertise, and innovation of young feminist organizers to address root causes and structures of inequality in order to create lasting change in their communities. To this end, FRIDA:

  • Provides small flexible grants to fund initiatives led by young women and trans* youth under 30 years old with small flexible grants for core support, selected through an annual participatory review process.
  • Offers opportunities for capacity development that are accessible and responsive to the needs of young feminist organizers, and based on linking and learning relationships that strengthen networks of young feminist activists within multigenerational movements;
  • Mobilizes resources from both traditional and non-traditional sources, with new and modern methods, to enhance the quality and quantity of funding for women’s human rights; and·
  • Builds knowledge for advocacy to ensure financial and non-financial policies are inclusive and responsive to the priorities articulated by young women, girls and trans* youth.


To ​support the implementation of the 2020-2025 Strategic Plan​, in 2020 FRIDA developed a new Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) framework ​to ensure that the all FRIDA community’s strategic priorities were well-reflected and to accompany FRIDA’s development as an organization.

It’s an epic milestone after two years of a participatory process led by a Change Team comprised of FRIDA staff, Board, advisors and grantees to collectively build FRIDA’s new Strategic Framework (2020-2025). Both, the Strategic Plan and MEL framework, define a new era in FRIDA’s growth and reflect on our communities’ strategic priorities and require us to strengthen our approach to become more effective and maximise our impact.

The ​MEL galaxy framework ​is a five-year roadmap rooted in five interacting commitments/constellations. During 2020, a 6-months participatory and capacity-strengthening process was conducted to reach a set of overarching Dreams, Hopes, and Signs of Change (a.k.a goals, outcomes and indicators) for each constellation. Each interdependence constellation serves as a flexible, accountable and ongoing learning roadmap for cross-team work and community-informed work.

The journey of transformation is not lineal and we believe that how we measure, track, and are able to assess one’s and collective contribution to change is powerful, magical and deeply political. The MEL framework

FRIDA MEL collective mandates

  • + FRIDA: ​a more empathetic, creative, participatory MEL framework, which ​reflects the values and politics of FRIDA and enables the team to make hidden connections within FRIDA’s cross-team work visible. We vouch to keep on finding ways to increase our accountability to our community.
  • Flexible: ​a framework that enables the team to be reactive and flexible in order to ​adapt to shifting contexts​.
  • User-friendly: ​the framework is visually intuitive, it is an invitation to ​use technology in a meaningful, playful way​, as a more empathetic way of building and sharing insights around our work.
  • Learning-focused: ​we want to embrace ​a learning focused system not just for FRIDA internally, but for our community, and in partnership with our allies. Learning takes place at the core of all MEL processes, with an emphasis on capturing not just the outcome, but building up towards change.
  • Non-traditional: ​we have an urgent need and desire to ​queer MEL structures, processes and thinking ​(including some of its language) ​to match FRIDA’s ambitions and dreams, as contained in our 2020-2025 Strategic Plan.


  • To develop ​a creative multimedia visualization of the MEL galaxy framework for the new FRIDA strategic plan (2020-2025) to guide the understanding and adoption of FRIDA’S Dreams (goals), Hopes (outcomes) and Signs of change (indicators) at an organizational level and individual team level.
  • To develop a variety of videos, data visualization, gifs, digital narratives that centers staff collective ownership and leadership of FRIDA’s new strategic priorities.
  • To support the MEL team with capacity strengthening to ensure an organisation-wide understanding of the new MEL framework visualization.

To suggest innovative ways of becoming a better community-centered learning organization.


The following outputs will be expected from the consultant:

  • A ​creative multimedia visualization​ of the MEL galaxy framework for the new FRIDA strategic plan (2020-2025).
  • A ​set of ad-hoc multimedia deliverables​ (data visualization, videos, audios, gifs, digital narrative, etc) to guide the understanding and adoption of FRIDA’S Dreams (goals), Hopes (outcomes) and Signs of change (indicators) at an organizational level and individual team level.


  • Have knowledge, skill, and experience working with women’s movements, feminist organizing, women’s funds, issues affecting young people in the Global South.
  • Have a proven track record of experience in developing multimedia products, data visualisation, interactive learning frameworks.
  • Have proven experience in developing monitoring, evaluation and learning deliverables or someone who has a technical MEL background.


  • Deadline to apply: 29 January 2020
  • Expressions of Interest should include:
    • Cover letter (addressing how you/ your team meet the necessary qualifications and outlines why you want to work with FRIDA)
    • Resume or CV
    • List of two references of your work
    • A creative project sample which integrates a set of multimedia products (data visualization, videos, gifs, audios, etc).
    • Hourly/daily rate
  • Email: ​
  • Please include ​“MEL multimedia producer consultancy” ​in the subject line.
  • To learn more about FRIDA, please visit our website at​ ​