Digital Security Education for Artists: A Convo on Threats and Contributions

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Digital Security Education for Artists: A Convo on Threats and Contributions
Presenter(s) Monica Mohapatra, Kedar Reddy
Title(s) Artists, Digital Security Educators
Organization(s) Equality Labs
Country(ies) India, USA
Social media @cemicool, @kedareddy
2017 theme Training & Best Practices

Artists provide us with creative ways to articulate our anguish and dissatisfaction, allowing us not only expressions, but reflection on issues of structural violence on a global scale. As such, we would like to host a conversation about common threat models for many artists and how we can better support creative work through digital security. Whether it's photographs crossing borders to document human rights violations; writers challenging governments through prose and poetry; performance artists occupying spaces in subversive ways, there is a need to reach into artistic communities and empower them against surveillance. This conversation will also take a look at how art contributes to the work of internet and digital freedom, and ideally, we may be able to do a short creative brainstorming session for an art project.

Format Conversations
Target Groups Artists, Digital Security Educators
Length 1 hour
Skill Level Novice or Advanced
Language English

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