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(Closed Opportunities)
(Current Funding Opportunities)
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|Wallace House, University of Michigan
|Wallace House, University of Michigan
|July 7th, 2020
|July 7th, 2020
|[https://www.opentech.fund/funds/community-prototype-fund/ The Community Prototype Fund (CPF)]
| Fund
|Open Technology Fund

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Do you have a funding opportunity running? Send it to us! We will post it here and we will share it on our social media and weekly newsletter. Write to: team@internetfreedomfestival.org

Current Funding Opportunities

Opportunity Type Organization Deadline
Reporting Fellowship Fellowship Wallace House, University of Michigan July 7th, 2020

Closed Opportunities

Opportunity Type Organization
The Community Prototype Fund (CPF) Fund Open Technology Fund
Reset Our Future Fund Fund Reset Tech
Information Control Fellowship Fellowship Reset Tech
Resident Fellowship Fellowship Reset Tech
COVID-19 Litigation Fund Fund Digital Freedom Fund
Expression Of Interest Award International Service for Human Rights
Open Internet for Democracy Leaders Program Fellowship Open Internet for Democracy Initiative
Grant for the Web Award Grant for the Web
IranCubator 2.0 Award United for Iran
Cyrilla Collaborative Award Cyrilla
Sustainable Protection Funding Fund Digital Defenders Partnership - HIVOS
Regional Partnership Funding Fund Digital Defenders Partnership - HIVOS
Fund for Internet Strengthening in Latin America and the Caribbean Fund Program Frida
Information Saves Lives Rapid Response Fund Fund Internews