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Glitter Meetup (GM) is the weekly town halls for the Internet Freedom community attracting digital rights defenders from all corners of the world!!

@ Every Thursday at 9:00am EST/1:00 PM UTC..
@ Where On the IFF Mattermost? Secure an account here.
@ Missed a GM? Don't worry we take notes every week.

GMs is a place for digital rights defenders to share regional and projects updates, ask questions, share expertise with each other, secure support and resources and, most importantly, connect with other digital rights defenders from all over the world. In addition, we invite featured guest from time to time, giving participants the opportunity to learn from their expertise and ask questions. Most importantly, however, for the community of digital rights defenders that are dispersed throughout the globe, GMS help build trust, cooperation, and community. It is also a guaranteed place where individuals can cultivate collaborations and network throughout the year.

Calendar of Events for a complete list of our virtual events
Check out the GM Notes from past meetups.
We love to have featured guests! If interested, email team@