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Glitter Meetup is where the Internet Freedom Festival comes to you virtually every week! It is a recurring gathering designed to help the Internet Freedom community connect & share throughout the year It happens every Thursday at 9:00am EST/EDT.


Glitter Meetups

When: Every Thursday @ 9am EST  | 3pm ECT | 1pm UCT | 9pm CST
Where: IFF Mattermost Square Channel
How: To request an invite to the IFF Mattermost, email 
What: Participants get the opportunity to virtually network with each other, get answers or advice to questions they may have, share updates about their work, and/or share glitter memes :) In addition, each week it hosts a featured guest with a specific expertise, regional knowledge, or working on an interesting project. We encourage you to check out the schedule below.

Missed Previous Week's Meetups? We Keep Notes!

Check out agenda and notes of past meetups in the Community Updates page!

What takes place during the meetup?

Well, its really decided by YOU! However, this is what we would love to see:

  • Ask any questions you may have on any topic. Remember, there is no such thing as a stupid question, and more than likely there is a person in our community who probably can help.
  • Share your work and projects. How else can we all keep up on all the amazing work happening!
  • Connect with others! So many of us work virtually, and we are spread all over the world, its nice to have a time and place each week where you can meetup with new and old friends.
  • Help each other! The most important element to community resilience is solidarity. Lets show each other we care.
  • Celebrate glitter. Its an IFF thing, and it makes people happy and full of sparkle!!

The Culture

Remember that we strive for a positive, safe, and, yes, fun environment. Be respectful and mindful, and take time to learn from each other. Also, while we believe that debate is healthy, the IFF Square is not the place for passionate, long-winded debates that usually involve a handful of people. We encourage you to continue your conversation in an opt-in channel setup for it, or in a private chat. If you need help understanding how to do this, let us know.

Lastly, we encourage you to read our code of conduct, privacy policy and community guidelines from our 2018 event, to get a better idea of what we expect from community members: Please feel free to DM me privately if you have any questions or concerns.

The Language

While English is the language used for the Glitter Meetup, we are conscious that it’s not everyone’s first language. The goal is to share not perfect English. If we are going too fast, please let us know. In addition, if you speak more than two languages, try to help if someone needs translation. Remember, we are all here to help each other! In the future, if there is interest, we will have these in other languages.