Improving New User Experience

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Session Description

Commercial, industry software development gathers masses of user data to test different UX techniques, guaranteeing that users stick around by ensuring they encounter no obstacles when they begin to use the software. In FOSS, we believe this data collection is not in users’ interest, as it violates their privacy and can put their security at risk. But how, then, do we make sure that users face a smooth ride when they search for our tools, set them up, and begin using them for the first time? Tor has been working to identify the path people take when they start using Tor, and where we are losing them due to bad experiences. How can we fix these problems, when users’ paths touch a number of free software projects which different teams and individuals from our community are working on — a difficulty which is specific to the FOSS community? And most important of all, how to do it while keeping our users safe by maintaining their privacy? Isabela Bagueros of Tor may be joined by Jake McGinty, who considered new user flow while working with Open Whisper Systems and will talk about onboarding from an HCI standpoint. We will identify common concerns in FOSS and suggest ways in which developers might smooth out the road to adoption without violating user privacy.

Improving New User Experience
Presenter/s Isabela Bagueros
Organization Tor
Bio/s Isabela Bagueros coordinates Tor's development teams and helps them define their road maps, keeps track of priorities, and ensures that Tor is always thinking “user first” while building things. She began playing with free software in the 1990s, and has worked on Indymedia, SFCCP (San Francisco Community Colocation Project), and other free software/hacker collectives around the world. She worked for Brazil’s Federal Government at the Ministry of Communications digital inclusion program, and later coordinated the project to migrate Presidential Palace IT infrastructure to free software.
Language English

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