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Upcoming Virtual Events

Our Calendar of Events has a complete list of upcoming virtual events being hosted by the IFF. Every day Community Checkin at 10am est! Every Thursday Glitter Meetup at 9am EST! Both happening on IFF"s Mattermost Special workshops being planned! See full list of events


Analog Knowledge: Community Notes

Can't attend any of our virtual events? Don't worry we keep notes from our weekly gatherings here. This includes everything from current updates shared by community members, to interviews with community experts. Make it a habit to read the notes every week to stay abreast



Community Knowledge Share

The Community Knowledge Share workshop series brings to you a diversity of online gathering every week lead by community leaders in the Internet Freedom field. CKS focus on a variety of topics found in the digital rights, privacy and security space ranging from technology infrastructure to community health to regional research. Check out the upcoming CKS workshops and the notes!


Job Board

Whether you are looking for job or candidate, we can help you out! Check out our amazing Job Board! We have jobs from all over the world! And our community are some of the best, most mutli-talented people out there!




Memories from the Past

Share your memories!! Send us some of your favorite IFF moments!! Email them to

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