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== Notes ==
== Notes ==
''Notes will be posted here''

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Glitter Meetups

Glitter Meetup is the weekly town hall of the Internet Freedom community at the IFF Square on the IFF Mattermost, at 9am EST / 1pm UTC. Do you need an invite? Learn how to get one here.

Date: Thursday, May 26th

Time: 9am EDT / 1pm UTC

Who: Moussa

Moderator: Islam

Where: On IFF Mattermost Square Channel.

Bread&Net Festival - The 5th edition

After two years of convening entirely online, this November, the digital rights community will finally meet again in person, in Lebanon, for our first-ever hybrid festival.

In addition to the live-streamed sessions, the 5th edition of Bread&Net will host a range of in-person networking and community-building events across Beirut. Our aim is to promote and strengthen the local culture of digital literacy, privacy, and security while bringing to light the wider digital rights challenges and opportunities emerging in our region.

Moussa is a Researcher and Facilitator. Since 2020 Moussa has filled the position of General Coordinator of Bread&Net Festival. His work is centered around digital rights, online hate speech, and queer issues in Arabic-speaking countries.


Notes will be posted here