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* '''Who:''' Quinn Mckew
* '''Who:''' Quinn McKew
* '''Date:''' Wednesday, June 9th
* '''Date:''' Wednesday, June 9th
* '''Time:'''  10am EDT / 2pm UTC+0
* '''Time:'''  10am EDT / 2pm UTC+0

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Workshop: Nonprofit Management 101: Understanding the Basics of Running a Nonprofit


Digital rights is an emerging field, with many young organizations still navigating how to establish the essential protocols and processes needed to be effective, within a context that requires extreme attention to security, privacy and working with sensitive profiles. It can be overwhelming, especially in a context where many of us have to wear multiple hats, one of which is constant fundraising.

Join us to hear from Quinn McKew is one of the few women EDs in the digital rights space running one of the largest freedom of expression nonprofit organizations in the world. She will provide an overview of nonprofit management, share lessons she has learned throughout the years, and answer questions folks may have about nonprofit management.

// We will be hosting a 20 minute post-workshop networking exercise to allow folks to meet others who share their interest, and strengthen collaborations across various lines. Make sure to schedule in 20 minutes extra on your calendar, if you are interested in joining //

Quinn is Executive Director for ARTICLE 19. She has a Masters of Business Administration from Georgetown University focusing on global non-profit management and a BA in International Relations and the Environment from Stanford University. Prior to joining ARTICLE 19, she worked for the largest non-profit management consultancy in Europe, and was a campaign manager for leading environmental organisations in the United States.

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