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Time: 9:00am EST / 1:00pm UTC+0

Where: IFF Mattermost Square Channel. Email us at team@internetfreedomfestival.org if you need an invite.

This Glitter Meetup is part of the IFF VPN Village program.

Topic of discussion: Q&A with TunnelBear

Join us during this Glitter Meetup to hear from TunnelBear’s Rodrigue Hajjar, the Director of Engineering. Did you ever want to know what countries use VPNs the most? What is the VPN industry doing to evolve to meet increasing digital right threats? This is also a good time to share some of the issues and challenges folks have been encountering in the field in regards to TunnelBear.

Speaker: Rodrigue Hajjar, TunnelBear’s Director of VPN.