Online risk & security for LGBTI activists in Russia

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Online risk & security for LGBTI activists in Russia
Presenter(s) Vera Bochkareva
Organization(s) IREX Europe
Project(s) Support to LGBTI activists in Russia
Country(ies) Russia
Social media
2017 theme Regions & Groups

The session "will focus on the day to day struggle of LGBTI people and activists in Russia, especially the online attacks and the digital risks they run and the techniques they use to try to stay safe and help others from their community stay safe. We’ll be looking for an exchange of information with Festival participants to raise awareness of our situation and also to learn new techniques and ideas that can help us. The debate/discussion in this session will be led by the Russian coordinator of the Samara LGBTI movement "Avers". The presenter has been very active in supporting the LGBTI community in the Samara region, notably raising awareness about the anti-propaganda legislation, implementation of safety trainings for LGBTI, media monitoring, organisation of public campaigns and events, etc. Moreover, the presenter is extremely experienced in online security for LGBTI and will thus be able to present the online risks and mitigation strategies of the LGBTI community in Russia.

Format Conversation
Target Groups Journalists, security trainers, advocacy and communication professionals, front line activists, academia
Length 3 hours
Skill Level Novice, Introductory
Language Russian, English

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