Organizational Security: Long-term engagements Do’s and Don’ts

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Organizational Security: Long-term engagements Do’s and Don’ts
Presenter(s) Mario Felaco, Wieke Meilink, Loreto Bravo, Paulina Gutierrez, Thiago Firbida
Organization(s) HIVOS and OTF Digital Integrity Fellowships, Article 19
Project(s) Organizational security
Country(ies) Venezuela, Mexico, Brazil
Social media
2017 theme Training & Best Practices

One of the main takeaways from last year’s IFF was the importance of time to effectively achieve organizational change. Since then, both OTF and Hivos have created Digital Integrity Fellowships: fellows don’t do a one-shot training/audit/assistance but are instead embedded within the organization for months at a time, helping it improve its digital security. Also other organizations such as Article 19 like have engaged in long-term orgsec trajectories with with the aim of achieving the same goal.

During this session, we would like to bring together the implementers of these engagements and the organizations who underwent longer term organization security migration, audits, and trainings. The addition of beneficiaries will add a very important dimension: we're very interested in hearing their perspectives of the trainings and changes. In the panel, different 'receivers' of orgsec processes will tell about their experiences.

The audience is encouraged to bring their own experiences and questions to the table, both implementers as well as those who underwent orgsec trajectories, and there will be room for anecdotes and story-telling. Towards the session in March, we are going to collect experiences from different organizations all over the world, who will be bundled and hand published, for everyone to learn from.

What works? What are the challenges? What can be improved? Come chat with us about our experience, and share your experience with us.

All outputs will be saved at:

Format Conversation
Target Groups Security Trainers, Fellows, CSO staff who want or already were engaged in organisational security
Length 1 hour
Skill Level Intermediate
Language English

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