Regenerative Activism

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Regenerative Activism

  • Who: Ilaj at ULEX

This two workshop took place on November 9. Participants engaged in collaborative exercises to explore collective and personal tools which can make our activism more effective and sustainable. This workshop was designed to be useful for organization or project leads that are trying to understand how to prevent burnout on their teams and networks, be effective for the long haul, and add continuity to movement building. The workshop built on Ulex’s experience in delivering Sustainable Activism, Regenerative Organising programme, more here:

Bio: Ilaj is an activist and trainer, member of the Ulex Project core team, and project lead for Ulex’s LGBTQI+ psycho-social resilience and holistic security programme. Ilaj works with groups involved in social and environmental struggles. They are passionate about working with body awareness as a radical means of deconstructing internalized systems of oppression.


Burnout Pinwheel:

Collective Tools for Burnout:

Resources Shared by Participants

  • World wide resilience network growing out of permaculture but integrating political & social aspects beyond environmental sustainability people might find to useful to help think about personal/group resilience in this wider context