Self-hosting for groups with

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Self-hosting for groups with
Presenter(s) fadelkon
Title(s) Self-hosting with for groups
Social media @cripticaOrg
2017 theme Tools & Technology


Sandstorm[1] is a self-hosting solution where each application unit (grains) is virtualized on an exclusive container. Then, sandstorm manages permissions among users and "grains", making everything private by default and focusing on security. The applications inside are "packed" versions of mainstream FLOSS tools, like Etherpad, Gitlab, Wordpress and more. They define as a productivity suite, and it compares fairly enough to Google Suite.


It allows for getting independent of Google and friends, having packed and maintained apps like:

  • Davros (WebDAV) for file-hosting
  • Radicale (CalDAV, CardDAV) for calendar and contacts
  • Wekan for kanban methodology (alt to Trello)
  • Etherpad for collaborative documents
  • Ethercalc for collaborative spreadsheets
  • Framadate for generic and date/time polls (alt to Doodle)
  • Gogs and Gitlab for git hosting.
  • ...

So, the full list is on


We will have a short presentation of the tool, and will play with working instances to challenge its capabilities. It is ridicolous easy to install, and it's auto-upgraded. However, you can get the look and feel with the limited demo instance


If you agree, we can document everything on a pad that will become a public review for Criptica[2] in a couple of weeks, in catalan or spanish

Format Workshop
Target Groups system administrators
Length 1 hour
Skill Level Introductory
Language common divisor among english, spanish and catalan

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