Uniting The Front: Mapping The Collective Future Of Internet Freedom

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Uniting The Front: Mapping The Collective Future Of Internet Freedom
Presenter(s) Bridget Sheerin, Dongin Shin
Title(s) Experience Designers
Organization(s) ThoughtWorks
Country(ies) United States
Social media
2017 theme Internet Freedom: Present & Future

As the Internet becomes more widespread across the world, the Internet Freedom community faces issues that are more complex. The issues we strive to solve are interconnected and tangled, and reaching a shared vision as a community is a difficult undertaking. How shall we proceed forward? New strategic frameworks for driving the engagement of diverse actors towards common visions are necessary.

In this workshop led by ThoughtWorks, participants will collectively imagine what the future(s) of the Internet Freedom community could look like through a series of ecosystem mapping techniques. They will visualize the ecosystem of actors they belong to, embody the dynamics of the ecosystem, discover possible reconfigurations and connections, and build experiments to test them.

The ecosystem mapping tools that will be used in this workshop come from ThoughtWorks experience collaborating with social sector organizations for over 20 years, and are informed by insights from non-profit and for-profit clients alike. Participants will come out with a strong grasp of how their ecosystem functions, insights about possible new ways to configure it together, and actionable ways to move forward as a community.

Format Workshop
Target Groups Journalists, Advocacy/Policy Professional, Academia
Length 3 Hours
Skill Level Novice
Language English

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