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The VPN Community Initiative is a diverse group of experts working in and around the VPN ecosystem. The community consists of commercial and non-commercial VPN providers, technologists and developers of circumvention and VPN-adjacent technologies, academics and researchers, advocates, and frontline defenders. The goal of the VPN Community Initiative is to:

  • Improve trust among different players working within the VPN ecosystem;
  • Build solidarity focusing on improving industry standards and mobilizing around common threats; and
  • Ensure the needs of the most at-risk from the digital rights community are made known to VPN companies, so that they can improve their offerings for these users.
If you have questions about the VPN Community Initiative or how to become involved, contact erinm.

VPN Community Activities

Monthly VPN Community Gatherings

Monthly VPN Community Gatherings

VPN Community Unconferences

VPN Community Unconference 2022
Industry Standards Collaborative Conversation 2020

VPN Village

IFF VPN Village 2020