You Spoke, We Listened! Feedback Post-IFF 2019

By May 16, 2019 Blog, IFF Updates

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The foundational stone of the IFF has always been our community, ensuring that they take center stage to everything that we do. Your feedback is critical to ensuring that the IFF remains a useful tool that allows us to look towards the future together, and to build a healthy movement that promotes collaboration and solidarity.

What did Participants Feel About IFF 2019?

During our first Glitter Meetup post-IFF, we continued this research by asking community members to share their thoughts on the IFF 2019 instance and this is what they had to say:

  • Overwhelmingly, folks enjoyed what they described as a “chill and relaxed” environment. Adding to this, one newcomer stated that IFF was better than they had imagined, while others stated that the Code of Conduct felt less intimidating than last year, and that there was a good mix between newcomers and returning participants.
  • Folks appreciated the theme of gratitude, as the past year has been very difficult for many.
  • Participants that had attended previous editions stated that they enjoyed the increase in countries represented from their region, and felt that it was one of the most diverse gatherings to-date. However, some folks hope that future instances will include more academics.
  • The expo tables were also positively received, with those running the tables stating that they had visitors all the time, and participants stating that they enjoyed the one-to-one. However, folks felt they needed to be better organized, along with the mentor and digisec tables.
  • There was a lot of appreciation for themed music nights, even though some suggested having some of those offsite next year. Meetups were overwhelmingly positively received, and folks appreciated they were scheduled earlier in the week.
  • Some felt that the program moved away from focusing on tools, but that it was a welcomed change. While most session were amazing, participants reported that some sessions leads didn’t pay attention to the session role cards, meaning some sessions got derailed. In addition, some speakers didn’t show up.
  • The biggest annoyances was the lack of strong internet and good coffee. In addition, folks requested that future instances have a better schedule page, suggesting the possible creation of an app. One suggestion included having a “subscribe” button on session pages, so folks can get notified before session start.
  • The use of the library this year was the biggest surprise. People said that during registration it was more accommodating for people with disabilities. Others stated that having the tool showcase there was preferable because it was warm and quiet.
  • Overwhelmingly, people appreciated the introduction of psychologists but asked for more diversity of both languages and backgrounds on the Wellness Team in future instances.

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Sandy Ordonez, Co-founder and Strategic Advisor of the Internet Freedom Festival

Also published on the Internet Freedom Festival Community Stories Medium Publication.