April 1 – 5, 2019
Valencia, Spain

5 Years Joining Forces to Fight Censorship and Surveillance

The Global Unconference of the Internet Freedom Communities

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5th IFF Anniversary Updates

The 2019 Internet Freedom Festival marks an important point in the project, since we will be celebrating our 5th anniversary. We believe that anniversaries are great occasions for celebration, but also for reflection. Check out the lastest updates!

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Like some others, Modlishka sits between your target and Google, grabbing the 2FA tokens, by @drk1wi.…

About an hour ago from InternetFF's Twitter via TweetDeck

“Projects and plans are developing and cross-pollinating everywhere at IFF – there are so many ways to contribute, learn, and fight for online freedom. For those of us who usually do our work at a computer screen, the in-person energy at IFF was revitalizing.”

Rebbeca Jeschke, Media Relations Director at Electronic Frontier Foundation

“So many projects from the Tor ecosystem benefited from that conference that is impossible to say it in just a few paragraphs. The IFF week was very significant as most of us rarely meet face to face, to some was their first time meeting the community.”

Isabela Bagueros, Executive Director of Tor Project

“The Internet Freedom Festival, is unlike any other conference focusing on the fight against censorship and surveillance due to its spotlight on diversity of ethnicity, region, gender, & thought that’s represented. IFF is also probably one of the most inclusive and celebratory events in the space, raising up the individuals and their various projects/disciplines.”

Matt Mitchell, Director of Digital Safety & Privacy at Tactical Technology Collective

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Like some others, Modlishka sits between your target and Google, grabbing the 2FA tokens, by @drk1wi.…

About an hour ago from InternetFF's Twitter via TweetDeck

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The Las Naves Innovation Center of Valencia is the home of the Internet Freedom Festival.

Ground Floor

First Floor

Latest News and Updates from the Community

#StopRemovingIranianApps campaign challenges Apple

From “Apple has been removing Iranian apps from the app store. In response, an anonymous group has started the #StopRemovingIranianApps campaign, since they believe this is unfair to the many talented Iranian developers. Currently, Apple iOS devices are actively used by 6 million people, with more than 11% of smartphones in Iran being iPhones. This makes Iran one of Apple’s biggest markets in the MENA region. The campaign has already garnered over 16k signatures.

DRF and NetBlocks find blanket and nation-wide ban on social media
in Pakistan and demand it to be lifted immediately

From Digital Rights Defenders: The NetBlocks internet shutdown observatory project in coordination with the Digital Rights Foundation has collected evidence of nation-wide internet disruptions throughout Pakistan.

Not a Conference: A Festival

The IFF is a one-of-a-kind gathering in the Internet Freedom community

Collaboration Starts Here

The IFF fosters meaningful interaction between different groups and regions. You will have the chance to productively collaborate with participants from around the globe, in a unique opportunity to work together face-to-face.

Promoting Diversity and Inclusivity

As one of the largest gatherings in the Internet Freedom space, at the IFF we believe that inclusivity and diversity of voice are fundamental to the health of a community. We invite you to read about our diversity and inclusion efforts and our Code of Conduct.

By the Community, for the Community

Curated by a diverse and committed group of 20 IFF Fellows across 7 Themes, the IFF program is 100% participant-created. As a gathering made for this community, by this community, it’s your participation that makes the IFF possible – so think big and be creative.

Sessions Submitted

*Data from the 2018 Internet Freedom Festival

Beta Mode

The IFF program is not the only thing that is community-led. Every new iteration of the festival itself is an evolution of the previous, built on your feedback, suggestions and active contributions. We are in beta mode, and we will always be.

Not a Conference: A Festival

Participate and have fun during sessions, and during the exciting conversations emerging from a positive and vibrant atmosphere. Our cultural events, opening up the city of Valencia for you to explore, and social evenings with fellow participants are not to be missed!

Designed for Your Goals

With its modular and multifaceted structure, the main goal of the IFF is to ensure you have the space and tools to build your own fulfilling experience. Whether you come to build support for your project, or simply to learn from others, our goal is to support yours.

How did the Internet Freedom Festival become one of the largest, most diverse and inclusive unconferences in the Internet Freedom community?

Built on Diversity and Inclusion

The Internet Freedom Festival’s Diversity & Inclusion Fund is a collaborative funding initiative designed to give voice to underrepresented groups and give them more presence within the larger Internet Freedom community, providing them with the means to attend the Internet Freedom Festival, in March 2018.

Gabriela Rodriguez
Lead 2017 IFF Facilitator


The 2019 Internet Freedom Festival Themes

The IFF is organized around seven themes, focusing on the needs identified by the different communities around the world

The Internet Freedom Festival Themes are picked every year, based on the feedback received from our community. They serve as the backbone of our programming and help instigate the most important conversations needed to advance Internet Freedom locally and globally. Like a Venn diagram, they overlap and create new and unexpected outcomes. Ultimately, themes, help the community leave the IFF more prepared to tackle upcoming challenges, and grounded in a common vision for the following year.

The Internet Freedom Festival’s program is curated by the IFF Fellows, an outstanding and diverse cohortof 13 professionals and community leaders, working together to ensure that diverse viewpoints and voices are well represented.

On the Frontlines

A space for frontline activists to share stories, skills and knowledge with allies and other frontline defenders.

The On the Frontline Theme topics include:

Regional Case Studies

Digital Attacks Mitigation

Internet Monitoring Tools

Digisec Tools

The Next Net

A space to capture the collective vision on the future of Internet Freedom, and how to address overarching issues and upcoming threats that could prevent us from getting there.

The Next Net Theme topics include:

Artificial Intelligence

Smart Cities

Feminist Internet

Industry Developments

Community Roadmap & Future Opportunities


Training and Best Practices

A space for the trainer community to showcase methodologies, exchange resources, and address shared challenges.

The Training and Best Practices Theme topics include:

Training methodologies

Rapid Response

Organizational Security

Emerging Threats

Resilience Techniques

Hacking the Net

A space for toolmakers to discuss important issues that affect their ability to build the best and most effective solutions. This theme is spearheaded by Tor and Radically Open Security.

Hacking the Net Theme topics include:

Technological Threats to Encryption

Trends in Digital Attacks

Solutions to State-Sponsored Censorship

Case Studies in Real-World Deployment

Tool Usability: UX/UI

Co-Design / Community-Led Tool Design

Community Resilience

A space to talk about community opportunities and issues, diversity and inclusion, health, and resilience.

Community Resilience Theme topics include:

Diversity & Inclusion Trainings

Community Collaboration

Capacity Building

Mental Health & Self Care

Burnout Prevention

Policy, Privacy and Advocacy

A space for civic engagement and collective action for better policies worldwide, and to explore how researchers can take an active part in the conversation.

Policy, Privacy and Advocacy Theme topics include:

Nation State Threats to Internet Freedom

Treaties & Strategies Among Nation States

Policy Trends

Platform Accountability

Collective Actions for 2019


Journalism and Media

A space to address the increasing challenges for journalists and media organizations in the Internet Freedom field.

The Journalism and Media Theme topics include:

Fake News, Hate Speech and Misinformation

Digital Security for Journos

Countering Online Harassment

Media Production and Distribution in Repressive Environments

Don’t forget to check the IFF Wiki! Awesome list of organized social outings and useful tips about our host city of Valencia, and much more included.


A Community Organized Gathering

The Internet Freedom Festival is the result of a shared effort by many different organizations and individuals from the Internet Freedom communities






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IFF Venue

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