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The IFF elevates the voices of frontline, at-risk communities, and works hard to improve the community health and diversity of the Internet Freedom Space. Invest in us so we can continue supporting the communities fighting for your digital rights.

We recently hosted a landmark forum on digital transformation and the future of online civic space in Somalia. Watch the highlights here! @KhalifAyaan @cipesaug @MSudaani @thefarayare @webfoundation @freedomonthenet @AfricaNetRights @ISOC_Foundation @InternetFF @accessnow

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BlogIFF Updates
July 31, 2020

Announcing the IFFโ€™s VPN Village!

We are happy to announce the IFFโ€™s virtual VPN Village, taking place this Fall.
BlogCommunity News
June 19, 2020

Tell US Congress to Save OTF and Internet Freedom

Please do what you can, right now, to Save Internet Freedom.
BlogIFF Updates
May 27, 2020

Community Health Researcher Job Offer

We are looking for a Community Health Researcher and Writer to lead IFFโ€™s first-ever Community Health Report.
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The Internet Freedom Festival is, unlike any other conference focusing on the fight against censorship and surveillance due to its spotlight on diversity of ethnicity, region, gender, and thought that’s represented. The IFF is also probably one of the most inclusive and celebratory events in the space, raising up individuals and their various projects/disciplines.

Matt Mitchell

Director of Digital Safety & Privacy at Tactical Tech

The Internet Freedom Festival is a tool to grow, diversify, support and strengthen solidarity between the diverse networks working on digital rights, online privacy, safety and security, and the future of the Internet. This includes human rights defenders, FLOSS technologists, researchers, journalists, activists, and civil society community members.

During the year, the IFF offers various tools and community engagements that help our community share knowledge, connect, and build capacity. This includes initiatives such as the weekly Glitter Meetup, Community Knowledge Share Series, IF job board, and one-to-one consultations. Once a year, we host our popular 5-day in-person festival that brings together over 1,000+ individuals from over 100+ countries, and features over 250+ sessions, workshops, meetups and social events, and over 3 kilos of glitter.ends โ€“, and the conferenceโ€™s sessions are picked by a geographically and professionally diverse fellows program.

The IFF Community Empowerment Program

We are happy to announce the first ever Internet Freedom Festival Community Empowerment Program (CEP) cohort! The ten individuals chosen for IFF 2020 represent 10 countries and 8 regions of the world, and are reflective of the diverse disciplines and communities found in the Internet Freedom space. The CEP is a new initiative of the IFF designed for community builders working at the intersection of human rights and technology.

Partners and Supporters

Partners are the life blood of the Internet Freedom Festival. They support the various initiatives that make our community building possible. We offer various options to partner with us, whether you are a civil society organization or technology company. This includes our Diversity and Inclusion Fund, that supports the most vulnerable, at-risk communities.

Check out the diverse partnership options we offer and let us know what you think!ย 

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