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The Global Unconference of the Internet Freedom Communities

March, 2018

Valencia, Spain

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2018 Fellows Announced!

Meet this outstanding diverse cohort helping create and curate the programming that inspires and empowers the voices of Internet Freedom throughout the world.

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Latest News and Updates from the Community

Turkey: Detention of eight human rights defenders

From Front Line Defenders: “On the morning of 5 July 2017, the Ascot hotel on the island of Buyukada, a venue where a workshop organised by the Helsinki Citizen’s Assembly for Turkish human rights defenders was raided by Turkish police. The five day workshop on the topic of holistic security began on 2 July 2017. Ten human rights defenders participating in the workshop were detained by the police. The defenders were separated into groups of two, with the eight Turkish defenders being subsequently transferred to different police stations in Istanbul while the two foreigners remained at Buyukada police station. For over 24 hours following their arrests, the human rights defenders were not permitted to contact their families.”

Mexican Journalists targeted by Government “cyber warfare”

According to an Investigation by R3D, SocialTicArticle19 and Citizen Lab over 76 messages with links to NSO Group’s exploit framework were sent to Mexican journalists, lawyers, and a minor child (NSO Group is a self-described “cyber warfare” company that sells government-exclusive spyware). The targets were working on a range of issues that include investigations of corruption by the Mexican President, and the participation of Mexico’s Federal authorities in human rights abuses. Some of the messages impersonated the Embassy of the United States of America to Mexico, others masqueraded as emergency AMBER Alerts about abducted children.

Join the conversation with #InternetFF

So honored to be here. So many wonderful people here. #InternetFF…

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“Projects and plans are developing and cross-pollinating everywhere at IFF – there are so many ways to contribute, learn, and fight for online freedom. For those of us who usually do our work at a computer screen, the in-person energy at IFF was revitalizing.”

Rebbeca Jeschke, Media Relations Director at Electronic Frontier Foundation

“So many projects from the Tor ecosystem benefited from that conference that is impossible to say it in just a few paragraphs. The IFF week was very significant as most of us rarely meet face to face, to some was their first time meeting the community.”

Isabela Bagueros, PM at Tor Project


“The Internet Freedom Festival is unique in its ability to bring a very diverse group of people from different cultures and with different backgrounds (including policy, technology, and advocacy) together to work on issues related to privacy, anonymity, and access to information online.”

Ali Bangi, Co-Director at ASL19

Not a Conference:
A Festival

The IFF is a one-of-a-kind gathering in the Internet Freedom community

The 2017 Internet Freedom Festival in numbers

Women Attendees

The Internet Freedom Festival is a unique gathering

Collaboration Starts Here

The IFF fosters meaningful interaction between different groups and regions. You will have the chance to productively collaborate with participants from around the globe, in a unique opportunity to work together face-to-face.

Promoting Diversity and Inclusivity

As one of the largest gatherings in the Internet Freedom space, at the IFF we believe that inclusivity and diversity of voice are fundamental to the health of a community. We invite you to read about our diversity and inclusion efforts and our Code of Conduct.

By the Community, for the Community

Curated by a diverse and committed group of 28 IFF Fellows across 8 distinct Themes, the IFF program is 100% participant-created. As a gathering made for this community, by this community, it’s your participation that makes the IFF possible – so think big, be creative, and send us your session ideas!

Beta Mode

The IFF program is not the only thing that is community-led. Every new iteration of the festival itself is an evolution of the previous, built on your feedback, suggestions and active contributions. We are in beta mode, and we will always be.

Not a Conference: A Festival

Participate and have fun during sessions, and during the exciting conversations emerging from a positive and vibrant atmosphere. Our cultural events, opening up the city of Valencia for you to explore, and social evenings with fellow participants are not to be missed!

Designed for Your Goals

With its modular and multifaceted structure, the main goal of the IFF is to ensure you have the space and tools to build your own fulfilling experience. Whether you come to build support for your project, or simply to learn from others, our goal is to support yours.

How did the Internet Freedom Festival become one of the largest, most diverse and inclusive unconferences in the Internet Freedom community?

Built on Diversity and Inclusion

The Internet Freedom Festival’s Diversity & Inclusion Fund is a collaborative funding initiative designed to give voice to underrepresented groups and give them more presence within the larger Internet Freedom community, providing them with the means to attend the Internet Freedom Festival, in March 2018.


Gabriela Rodriguez
Lead 2017 IFF Facilitator


Valerie Aurora
2017 IFF Diversity Advisor

The 2017 Internet Freedom Festival Themes

The 2017 IFF was organized around eight themes, focusing on the needs identified by the community

The Internet Freedom Festival Themes are the general areas of interest that will be discussed during the gathering, providing a structure to the program. Think of Themes as circles in a venn diagram, overlapping and creating new, unexpected, original outcomes.

The Internet Freedom Festival’s program is curated by the IFF Fellows, an outstanding and diverse cohort of 28 professionals & community leaders. Coming from 19 different regions, they will work together to review and select sessions across the entire IFF Program, to ensure that diverse viewpoints and voices are well represented.

01. Community

The Community Theme is an open invitation to collectively reflect on the the state of the Internet Freedom community.

The Community Theme addresses issues found in the Internet Freedom community that affect the ability to collaborate and synergize efforts, as well as sharing strategies for diversifying voices in the current conversations, promoting inclusion and cultivating an atmosphere of trust against discrimination and harassment.

The Community Theme topics will include:

  • Improving balance of gender, diversity, and inclusion

  • Creating more sustainability in the Internet Freedom ecosystem

  • Strategies and best practices for community management

  • Cultivating positive atmospheres to prevent intolerance and harassment

  • Enabling the sharing of common goals, weaknesses, threats and opportunities

02. Training & Best Practices

The Training & Best Practices Theme focuses on trainers working with risk management, digital safety, and holistic human-centered training. It provides opportunities to share effective tools and teaching practices, to address shared challenges, to strengthen community support and networks, and to foster feedback exchange with tool developers.

The Training & Best Practices Theme topics will include:

  • Threat modeling and risk analysis

  • Training content, resources, and methodologies across digital, physical, and psychosocial platforms

  • Digital security curricula building

  • Organizational security

  • Pedagogy strategies and alternative training approaches

  • User behavior and case studies

  • Capacity-building: training vs/and other types of interventions

03. Internet Freedom: Present and Future

How should the future of the Internet Freedom space look? How can we get there from here? The Internet Freedom: Present and Future Theme is dedicated to explore the current state of the Internet Freedom space, its overarching issues, the latest research findings, and the upcoming threats and opportunities.

The Internet Freedom: Present and Future Theme topics will include:

  • Current state and overarching issues of the Internet Freedom space

  • Upcoming opportunities and threats

  • Urgent issues that require immediate attention

  • Reflections from the academia and latest on research results and findings

  • The role of technology in modern societies

04. Tools & Technology

The Tools & Technology Theme creates a space for the technologists that are driving the next generation of security and privacy tools to share knowledge and concerns, as well as to work collectively on core infrastructure and known obstacles. It will feature workshops, sessions and hackathons to improve the quality of existing tools and support the development of innovative solutions to technical and real-world problems.

The Tools & Technology Theme topics will include:

  • New tools and latest developments in circumvention technologies

  • Tool monitoring: i.e. how do we ensure what we are using and propagating are still good?

  • Tool contextualization and transferability

  • Hardware Security

05. Policy & Advocacy

Only through collaboration can we achieve social and political change. The Policy & Advocacy Theme addresses how advocacy groups can facilitate civic engagement and collective action within the Internet Freedom space that will result in better policies worldwide.

The Policy & Advocacy Theme topics will include:

  • How we talk about our work (to donors, governments, each other)

  • How to influence donor priorities, i.e. help ensure the funding is where the real need is

  • How to help our partners build advocacy capacity

06. Regions & Groups

The Regions & Groups Theme is a space for the diverse groups and regions around the world within the Internet Freedom Community.

Fostering diversity and inclusion, this Theme will address those issues that make participation in the Internet Freedom space difficult for underrepresented groups. It will allow these groups to not only take part in important conversations at the IFF but, most importantly, design programs and agendas that provide space for these groups to collectively address the inequality and regional issues that have gone unaddressed by the community.

The Regions & Groups Theme topics will include:

  • Regional case studies

  • Collaboration between different groups in different regions

  • Issue Mapping

  • Specific challenges for groups (e.g.: LGBTI)

  • User Types

07. Communications & Design

The Communications and Design Theme provides a space where individuals can discuss how to improve public relations strategies, community cultivation, campaign design, digital strategy, and overall outreach.

This Theme will also connect designers, users, and developers to keep the tools secure and usable. This conjunction will lead to activities such as UX/UI brainstorms for new and improved tools, usability workshops for developers, and opportunities for users to share their highly valuable experience and recommendations.

The Communications & Design Theme topics will include:

  • Design and implementation of communication plans and digital strategies

  • Marketing and public relations best practices

  • Design thinking, product design, and usability for Internet Freedom projects

08. Journalism & Media

The Journalism & Media Theme supports and fosters sessions, workshops, and awareness raising events that allow freelancers, journalists, and media organizations to better assess risks and threats to their work in the twenty-first century.

The Journalism & Media Theme topics will include:

  • Organizational culture: Engaging entire newsrooms or organizations on DigiSec, not just specialized journalists

  • Risk evaluation depending on a journalist’s areas of coverage

  • Training at the newsroom

  • Beyond a newsroom: Extending our DigiSec culture to sources

  • Regional diversity: How challenges are different depending on regions and political climates

  • ‘Media literacy’ as both a threat and opportunity

Don’t forget to check the IFF Wiki! Awesome list of organized social outings and useful tips about our host city of Valencia, and much more included.

A Community Organized Event

The Internet Freedom Festival is the result of a shared effort by many different organizations and individuals from the Internet Freedom community




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