April 1 – 5, 2019
Valencia, Spain

5 Years Joining Forces to Fight Censorship and Surveillance

The Global Unconference of the Internet Freedom Communities

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“Projects and plans are developing and cross-pollinating everywhere at IFF – there are so many ways to contribute, learn, and fight for online freedom. For those of us who usually do our work at a computer screen, the in-person energy at IFF was revitalizing.”

Rebbeca Jeschke, Media Relations Director at Electronic Frontier Foundation

“So many projects from the Tor ecosystem benefited from that conference that is impossible to say it in just a few paragraphs. The IFF week was very significant as most of us rarely meet face to face, to some was their first time meeting the community.”

Isabela Bagueros, Executive Director of Tor Project

“The Internet Freedom Festival, is unlike any other conference focusing on the fight against censorship and surveillance due to its spotlight on diversity of ethnicity, region, gender, & thought that’s represented. IFF is also probably one of the most inclusive and celebratory events in the space, raising up the individuals and their various projects/disciplines.”

Matt Mitchell, Director of Digital Safety & Privacy at Tactical Technology Collective

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The Las Naves Innovation Center of Valencia is the home of the Internet Freedom Festival.

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Latest News and Updates from the Community

#StopRemovingIranianApps campaign challenges Apple

From “Apple has been removing Iranian apps from the app store. In response, an anonymous group has started the #StopRemovingIranianApps campaign, since they believe this is unfair to the many talented Iranian developers. Currently, Apple iOS devices are actively used by 6 million people, with more than 11% of smartphones in Iran being iPhones. This makes Iran one of Apple’s biggest markets in the MENA region. The campaign has already garnered over 16k signatures.

DRF and NetBlocks find blanket and nation-wide ban on social media
in Pakistan and demand it to be lifted immediately

From Digital Rights Defenders: The NetBlocks internet shutdown observatory project in coordination with the Digital Rights Foundation has collected evidence of nation-wide internet disruptions throughout Pakistan.

Not a Conference: A Festival

The IFF is a one-of-a-kind gathering in the Internet Freedom community

Collaboration Starts Here

The IFF fosters meaningful interaction between different groups and regions. You will have the chance to productively collaborate with participants from around the globe, in a unique opportunity to work together face-to-face.

Promoting Diversity and Inclusivity

As one of the largest gatherings in the Internet Freedom space, at the IFF we believe that inclusivity and diversity of voice are fundamental to the health of a community. We invite you to read about our diversity and inclusion efforts and our Code of Conduct.

By the Community, for the Community

Curated by a diverse and committed group of 20 IFF Fellows across 7 Themes, the IFF program is 100% participant-created. As a gathering made for this community, by this community, it’s your participation that makes the IFF possible – so think big and be creative.

Sessions Submitted

*Data from the 2018 Internet Freedom Festival

Beta Mode

The IFF program is not the only thing that is community-led. Every new iteration of the festival itself is an evolution of the previous, built on your feedback, suggestions and active contributions. We are in beta mode, and we will always be.

Not a Conference: A Festival

Participate and have fun during sessions, and during the exciting conversations emerging from a positive and vibrant atmosphere. Our cultural events, opening up the city of Valencia for you to explore, and social evenings with fellow participants are not to be missed!

Designed for Your Goals

With its modular and multifaceted structure, the main goal of the IFF is to ensure you have the space and tools to build your own fulfilling experience. Whether you come to build support for your project, or simply to learn from others, our goal is to support yours.

How did the Internet Freedom Festival become one of the largest, most diverse and inclusive unconferences in the Internet Freedom community?

Built on Diversity and Inclusion

The Internet Freedom Festival’s Diversity & Inclusion Fund is a collaborative funding initiative designed to give voice to underrepresented groups and give them more presence within the larger Internet Freedom community, providing them with the means to attend the Internet Freedom Festival, in March 2018.

Gabriela Rodriguez
Lead 2017 IFF Facilitator

Valerie Aurora
2017 IFF Diversity Advisor


The 2018 Internet Freedom Festival Themes

The IFF is organized around seven themes, focusing on the needs identified by the different communities around the world

The Internet Freedom Festival Themes are the general areas of interest that will be discussed during the gathering, providing a structure to the program. Think of Themes as circles in a venn diagram, overlapping and creating new, unexpected, original outcomes.

The Internet Freedom Festival’s program is curated by the IFF Fellows, an outstanding and diverse cohort of 20 professionals & community leaders. Coming from 17 different countries, they will work together to review and select sessions across the entire IFF Program, to ensure that diverse viewpoints and voices are well represented.

On the Frontlines

This theme creates a space for individuals on the frontlines, with two specific goals in mind: providing them with the skills and knowledge they need to stay safe online, and an opportunity to share regional experiences about current and upcoming surveillance and censorship challenges.

The On the Frontline Theme topics include:

Circumventing Censorship

DDoS Mitigation for Activists/Journalists

Conversations with Frontline Defenders

Regional Experiences

Tool Monitoring Setup

Internet Blackouts

Secure Hosting

Making Better Tech

The Making Better Tech theme is a space for the technologists that are driving the next generation of security and privacy tools. The theme is geared towards sharing knowledge on improving existing tools, collectively tackling known obstacles, and helping the community strategize on how to work better, together.

The Making Better Topic Theme topics include:

Tool Design

Product and Product Management

Technical Challenges

Usability UX/UI

Pluggable Transports

Co-design / Community-Led Tool Design

Quality Assurance

FOSS Community Building

Technology Funding

Machine Learning

Secure Chatbots

Training and Best Practices

The Training and Best Practices theme creates a space for trainers working with risk management, digital safety, and holistic human-centered training. From sharing effective tools and teaching practices, to addressing shared challenges and strengthening community support and fostering feedback exchange with tool developers.

The Training and Best Practices Theme topics include:

Production of Sustainable Knowledge

Holistic Security

Practical Digital Security

Customized Practices for Political Context and Infrastructure Realites

Internet Freedom: Present and Future

How should the future of the Internet Freedom space look? How can we get there from here? The Internet Freedom: Present and Future theme provides the community with an opportunity to collectively create a vision and roadmap future opportunities, and tackle some of our overarching issues and concerns.

The Internet Freedom: Present and Future Theme topics include:

Mapping the Future of Internet Freedom: Challenges and Opportunities

Holistic Community Vision and Collective Roadmap

Empowering and Building Capacity for Local Communities

Attracting New Talent and Developing New Leaders

Equality in the Internet Freedom Space

Healthier Networks and Organizations

The Healthier Networks and Organizations theme provides a space to tackle common problems that prevent entities in the Internet Freedom space from better serving their constituents. In addition, common good projects or FLOSS tools needing help with their strategy can opt to present their project and receive collaborative feedback and recommendations from IFF participants.

The Healthier Networks and Organizations Theme topics include:

Organizational Security

Diversity and Inclusion

Open Feedback Sessions

How to Run Like a Mature Organization

Psycho Social and Team Building

Organizational Sustainability and Fundraising

Advocacy, Policy and Research

Only through collaboration can we achieve social and political change. The Advocacy, Policy and Research theme addresses how advocacy groups can facilitate civic engagement and collective action for better policies worldwide, and how researchers can take an active part in the conversation.

The Advocacy, Policy and Research Theme topics include:

Engagement with Corporate and Academic Actors

Collaborating Across Different Fields of Practice

Best Practices for Advocacy, Policy & Research

Avoiding the Echo Chamber in Advocacy

Popularizing Research and Advocacy

Anticipating Future Threats and Opportunities

Monitoring Nation State Threats to Internet Freedom

Managing Politics of 'Internet Freedom' in Advocacy and Research

Internet Governance and Standards

Algorithmic Treatment of Content and AI Considerations by Social Media Companies

Journalism, Media and Communications

The Journalism, Media and Communications theme creates a space for journalists, media organizations, designers and communications professionals to better assess the risks and threats to their work in an increasingly hostile global environment.

The Journalism, Media and Communications Theme topics include:

Fake News, Fact-Checking and Website Verification

Digital Media Strategy and Campaign Design

Digital Security for Journalists

How can Journalists Collaborate with Human Rights Defenders

Countering Online Harassment and Smear Campaigns

Don’t forget to check the IFF Wiki! Awesome list of organized social outings and useful tips about our host city of Valencia, and much more included.


A Community Organized Gathering

The Internet Freedom Festival is the result of a shared effort by many different organizations and individuals from the Internet Freedom communities





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